Wafa Pouch

Wafa Pouch

Wafa Pouch

Katy's small bag with peacock feathers "Wafa Pouch" consists of

  • Wafa StyleCOVER with peacock eyes and shimmering green sequins
  • black POUCH
  • black strap/key ring
  • Length adjustable shoulder strap

169,00 incl. VAT


Wafa is Katy's little bag with peacock feathers

With the StyleCOVER "Wafa", we have decorated KATY's small bag with peacock feathers and transformed it into a paradisiacally shimmering POUCH. Styled with the Wafa StyleCOVER made of green and blue sequins and eleven peacock eyes, this unique look enhances any outfit.

Whether at a festival, with a summer outfit or for festive occasions: with the Wafa POUCH you have a magical companion at hand.

Peacocks fling their magnificent feathered wheel Regularly moulting off. We always collect them from the meadows of a friendly farm in the Swabian Schurwald. We then process them in our own manufactory in Offenbach am Main / Germany.

Like all our StyleCovers, this spring-loaded interchangeable flap clips on easily. Thanks to the 9 magnets, you can attach it to the POUCH, Katy's Bag #1 or the Shopper clip on. With the logo loop, it can be attached to the carabiner and secured.

Peacock feathers are relatively robust and can be "sorted" again. By carefully stroking them between your fingertips or blowing into the feather, the individual hairs will reassemble. When travelling, however, we recommend that you carry the peacock feather StyleCOVER attached to Katy Bags instead of putting it in your suitcase. 1TP5Freeland feathers

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Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Brown, Black, Tan, Glacier, Red