AURORA 2in1 Bag Set

AURORA 2in1 Bag Set

AURORA 2in1 Bag Set

Katy's AURORA BAG #1 in Black

  • BAG #1 in Black (Basic Bag & Pouch)
  • Interchangeable cover in black
  • Strap/ Handle/ Loop Keychain in Black
  • Length-adjustable carrying strap in black
  • SPARKLE interchangeable cover (shimmering green-blue)

189,00 incl. VAT


Shimmering, iridescent design like northern lights - the Aurora BAG #1 comes with an interchangeable cover in shimmering green-blue and black-matt sequins.
The strap carabiner can be used to secure the cover strap to the D-ring of the base bag to prevent theft of all elements.

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Green-Blue Sequins