and background information on KATY-MERCURY founder Katharina Hermès:

"I want to make my customers' lives more beautiful, more stylish, but also easier, more comfortable and therefore happier."

Catherine Hermès - Founder 

Now elegant, later glamorous, tomorrow funky!

Diverse and adaptable, like a chameleon, and no more annoying repacking: the practical yet luxurious all-rounder handbags are fun and let you create your individual styling.

At the same time, founder Katharina Hermès always keeps her responsibility towards the environment in mind: "At KATY MERCURY, we care about using the given resources intelligently and efficiently, minimising waste and strengthening the regional economy".

Therefore, we mainly produce in Germany, to be more precise, in "the leather capital" of Offenbach am Main and thus support the local job market. We have been working closely with our partner companies in China, where a few components are manufactured, for many years. It is particularly important to us that European standards are observed in these production facilities, which we ensure through regular checks.


About KATY-MERCURY founder Katharina Hermès, you should know that she takes a very differentiated view of sustainability and environmental friendliness. Because we make our handbags and covers with great attention to detail from very high quality vegan faux leather or Faux fur. Nevertheless, StyleCOVER are also made of real skins or Animal leather available. However, these come exclusively from animals for consumption or wild animals. Because in Germany alone, due to overpopulation in the forests, every year about half a million foxes shot. Often the hunted animals become waste and are disposed of. We at KATY MERCURY feel it is sustainable to counteract this thoughtless waste by recycling their skins and putting them to good use.

The feathers used come from free-range and well-cared-for peacocks in the Swabian Schurwald. The peacocks regularly throw in the Mauser their splendid garments, which we collect and process by hand in our handbags.


About KATY-MERCURY Founder Katharina Hermès

Katharina Hermès, who was born in Stuttgart, founded her first company at the age of 16, producing transformable and personalizable handbags "made in Germany" and selling them in New York City.

>After graduating from high school, she moved to the fashion metropolis of Milan to study fashion design at the renowned Istituto Marangoni and worked for the world's most famous fashion houses backstage at the catwalk shows at Milan Fashion Weeks.

In the years that followed, she lived in London and was a designer on the artwork team for the womenswear collections of ALEXANDER McQUEEN -with Lee himself!-, was in production management at MULBERRY and -back in Germany- the designer of the GG&L GEORGE GINA & LUCY and BOGNER Handbags.

Listen to Katharina in the interview by Sibel Brozat: Women in Fashion Podcast

In 2013, Katharina Hermès founded her own company again. She had developed the clip-on heels HEELBOPPS. They provide more comfort on spiked heels and glamorous styling options for high heels. With this unique product idea, our founder won both the Frankfurt Founders' Prize 2014 and the Hessian Founders' Prize 2014. In 2015, Katharina joined "The lions' den"on the TV channel VOX and was able to reach millions of new customers with it.

on www.HEELBOPPS.com you can check out and buy the innovative heel accessories.