BAG#1 Bag configurator with interchangeable caps

The BAG#1 Bag Configurator with interchangeable caps - called StyleCOVER by us - to choose from. You can also choose POUCH, CHARMS, strap / key ring and carrying strap.

KATY's BAG#1 is a multifunctional, small boxy bag that has a practical pocket for your mobile phone on its back. Inside are one long and three small card slots. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, cross-body bag, hip bag or with a strap as a small handbag.

With Katy's POUCH, you can expand her function in an instant. And with CHARMS and StyleCOVER you can adapt it to your personal style.

Put together your KATY bag here according to your wishes. You can then buy it directly and we will send it directly to you.

SHOPPER Configurator with exchangeable caps

Here is our SHOPPER Configurator with StyleCOVER, POUCH, strap and shoulder strap to choose from.

The soft "Slouchy" SHOPPER by KATY MERCURY is a space miracle and adapts stylishly to every challenge. It can be used as a carry-all, weekender, overnight bag, bath bag, diaper bag, travel bag and shopping bag. Just as cool, it accompanies you as a laptop bag, business or day bag with fewer contents and folded sides.

All StyleCOVERs fit on our large Katy Bag, as does the POUCH.

Create and buy your dream bag here and feel free to link pictures with it with our Instagram and Facebook Profile. We look forward to seeing you together!