Loop Keyring Keychain

Loop Keyring Keychain


Loop Keyring Keychain

Katy's Strap / Keychain

  • short strap with carabiner and O-ring carabiner

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Loop Keyring Keychain & Bag Strap in One

The handle for Katy's POUCH Bags is not just a bag handle. You can detach it and wear it separately as a keyring. Rather, it is a loop keyring keyring that you can also clip onto all KATY MERCURY bag bodies as a bag strap. Now that's a practical accessory: a chic keyring pendant or stylish handle!

What's more: this is THE gift idea from 25,-€! For yourself or a friend - practical, cheap and top fashion!

In use as a key ring

The strap has a carabiner on one side and an open O-ring on the other. You can use it to make a loop keyring by hooking the O-ring into the carabiner ring to make a stylish and practical loop. You can simply hook the keys on their little rings into the carabiner and have them bundled together. This Keychain then wear it casually in your hand or around your wrist. Or simply throw it into Katy's SHOPPER and fish it out again by the loop pendant. You can also put the key ring in Katy's BAG#1, so that only the loop key ring hangs out at the top of the zip - that's not only decorative, but it can also be pulled out again quickly and the key put in the lock.

On the other hand, you can also hang the O-ring on your waistband or on any tabs or buttonholes and put the keys that hang down long into the pocket on the carabiner. This way you don't even have to take off the keychain to open a lock.

As bag straps on Katy Bags

The carabiner and the open O-ring of the strap can be attached to all bags on the left and right. This makes it the decorative handle for Katy's Party Bag "POUCH" or the "BAG#1". Or you can clip the loop key ring as a bag strap to only one side of the POUCH. This way you can hang the bag around your wrist and have both hands free.

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